Earlene Davis

Reviews from the Groundlings & Acme Comedy Theater

Earlene DavisL.A. Weekly - Pick of the week
The Masterpiece here is Earlene Davis' "The RV." What begins as an easy laugh at the couples' expense turns into a detailed exploration of a complicated relationship - intense laughter is earned in this case through extremely truthful performances. Davis repeats that kind of intricate comic acting as she plays a waitress in "Hog Heaven."

Back Stage West - Critic's Pick
If I have to choose one sketch that's flawless, it has to be "The RV". It's written by Earlene Davis and performed brilliantly and lovingly by Davis and Ashley Clark. Their subtle quirks and mannerisms are absolutely hilarious. Davis' character talking to herself and then bouncing around the back of the RV nearly brings the house down. I didn't want this piece to end, and neither did the audience.

L.A. Times
Earlene Davis shines in many a role, but especially in two sketches she wrote. In the first, "The RV", Davis the performer shows off her chops as she attempts to make a sandwich for her hubby in the back of the moving vehicle.

Later Davis plays an incompetent waitress in her "Hog Heaven," and her skills as a writer bloom. She turns what might have been a typical restaurant scene into something more complicated, as the focus of the scene shifts surprisingly but effectively among the various characters.

Earlene DavisL.A. Weekly
In her own skits, lucy-like redhead Earlene Davis is very funny as a deranged country and western singer in "Blue" and even whackier as a clumsy solipsistic Angeleno in "Fruit Platter."

L.A. Times
Earlene Davis is seen in the highlight of the evening "Designer Desert". This is I Love Lucy physical comedy, and it works beautifully.

Reviews from "Highballs Ahoy"

L.A. Times
Critic's choice, Earlene Davis gives a killer performance!

Earlene Davis is terrific. Don't miss her Booze- swilling, screw-the-world scene.

L.A. Weekly
Pick of the week Earlene Davis pulls off a killer combo as Love Boat Julie and boozy but spunky Kathie Lee.

Pretty much anyone will appreciate the loopy charm of Earlene Davis as cruise director Julie, the show's nominal heroine. Davis makes magic. She's brilliant in her drunk scene, as her marvelously expressive face gets more elastic with each swig of vodka. Petite, pretty and redheaded, she could be the Lucille Ball for the 90's if anyone's looking.

Reviews from Back Home

L.A. Magazine
Earlene Davis moves from Valley Girl to Latino firebrand with remarkable form and grace.

Earlene Davis is simply sensational with her various portrayals of L.A. types.

Daily Breeze
Although this is an ensemble effort, and a good one, Earlene Davis can't help but shine. She's a very versatile performer who can play it all.

L.A. Times
Critics choice, Earlene Davis gives a killer performance!

Cite Guide
Earlene Davis is outstanding and irresistible in everything she does!

L.A. Times
Back home also touches on ethnicity with some hilarious " Trouble with the Language" at the hands of Earlene Davis... and for more fun Earlene Davis is a hoot in a valley-speak monologue. "


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